Hall-1 Mess

The hall-1 mess is a common mess for boys and girls residing in Hall-1, with a total strength of around 500. The sustenance in hall-1 mess is mix of a North and South Indian cooking styles. The sweets are also included in the mess menu. On the other hand, we ensure food hygiene and nutrition. The mess menu is prepared by mess committee. The menu is revised from time to time with feedback from inhabitants. Along with the vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food items are served at extra charge. For individuals who are suffering from any wellbeing issue, sick diet is served to them on demand. Additional things can likewise be brought alongside the essential things by taking additional coupons/by entering into a register. The visitors/relatives can also take the sustenance in the hall one mess on either money coupon or entering in to a register. Any complaint about quality and amount of the sustenance being served might be registered in the record book accessible in the mess. Mess committee experiences this register on regular routine and expected to make remedial move.
Hall-1 have a mess committee consisting of five inmates of the hostel. Among them, there will be a convener, a co-convener and three secretaries (including at-least one girl member). The term of this committee will be for a period of one year, unless extension is provided.

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